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Service Description: The Kentucky portion of the 1992 National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD1992) is part of a 21-class land cover classification scheme that has been applied consistently across the lower 48 United States at a spatial resolution of 30 meters. NLCD1992 is based primarily on the unsupervised classification of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) ( circa 1990's satellite data. Other ancillary data sources used to generate these data included topography, census, and agricultural statistics, soil characteristics, and other types of land cover and wetland maps. A description of the Anderson Level II classification system used in this land cover dataset and service can be found here: Processing of the data was done using a raster mask of the Kentucky boundary applied to, and aligned with a re-projected version of the complete NLCD1992 dataset downloaded as the latest available version of the product, with release date of February 22, 2007 ( The coverage of this dataset does not extend beyond those pixels intersecting the revised Kentucky boundary of 2015. The recommended scale for using this data product should be no larger than 1:40,000 to accommodate for the spatial resolution of the raster. No class accuracy assessment is available for this product at this time. The preferred citation of the original NLCD1992 is: “Vogelmann, J.E., S.M. Howard, L. Yang, C. R. Larson, B. K. Wylie, and J. N. Van Driel, 2001. Completion of the 1990's National Land Cover Data Set for the conterminous United States,Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 67:650-662.”

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